About Capital DK

We create enterprise business and digital transformation solutions, from our development Centre in Kuala Lumpur. Our unique IP and software application framework is called ATLAS®.Our difference is in our ability to create unique IP that connects to any source or system of data whether it be functional corporate or technical and from that, deliver cross-fertilised strategic information to the fingertips of decision makers. By doing this, we help businesses transform to take advantage of new technologies regardless of their state of business or IT maturity. 

Who We Are

Led by a team of cross-industry executives, skilled in creating innovative solutions that solve complex business problems, who together possess more than 160 years of experience transforming businesses, globally.

mission rocket

To create Next Generation Software Solutions that Transforms Industry by providing the Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time, Anywhere.

vision binoculars

To be the first choice.

value nolan

We Exist to Serve Our Customers. Our People are our Most Valued Assets. Add Value at every Opportunity.

What We Do & How

Stage 1 - Consulting

Our cross-industry subject matter experts engage with our clients. Together, we discuss the strategic and economic benefits associated with IT and business transformation, uncover client aspirations and pain points, then apply that knowledge to propose a solution.

Stage 2 - Software

ATLAS®️, our unique application framework, and our applications Black Sun®️ and Red Giant®️, are the industry-agnostic enablers for our clients' IT and business transformation needs. Standard by design, customisable by choice. We offer flexibility and understanding, bringing application functionality closer to you than ever before.

Project Staffing

Finding the right resource for your IT project is an ongoing challenge. We source, place, mentor and manage IT project staff onsite at locations of our clients' choosing, or remotely from our development centre.

Applications Support

With more than 20 years of experience supporting large IT application portfolios, we provide support to your application portfolio with staff skilled in ERP. Client Server and ad-hoc applications. All delivered from our application support centre.