I’ve Heard It All Before

by Philip Williamson

CEO, DK Energy


There’s nothing new or revolutionary about acquiring real time data. That is why Customer ‘S’ habitually rejected all approaches from software vendors that promised to offer to him “More of the same”. There is a glut of applications that will independently provide access to drilling data, offer access to PetroPhysics and Geo Mechanics, or stream in real time to their office locations, and Customer ‘S’ business suffered from having multiple vendor applications that couldn’t communicate between each other, different and expensive licensing models and a portfolio of applications that all required different user training programs that were expensive, lengthy, and complicated.

Customer ‘S’ contacted us through our website having understood through a single https://www.capitaldk.com site browse that there was more on offer from DK. We responded immediately, and promised to him that we would never offer “More of the same”.

An Industry Left Behind

The CEO at Customer ‘S’ is tech savvy, and he informed us that over his many years in Oil & Gas he often wondered when O&G technology would catch up with other industries by offering scaleable next generation solutions, fully mobile and all encompassing. He was used to legacy applications bound to desktop computers and supported by HTML rendered interfaces that had zero mobility and were unable to accept customisations. All of his vendor solutions were client server-based, and to use them effectively his staff needed to adjust their natural and necessary ways of working to suit the application limitations.

Customer ‘S’ was in need of solutions that served operations as well as business functions and allowed a percentage of customisation to suit the unique characteristics of his business. It is a story that we have witnessed repeatedly during our Customer consultations. We captured Customer ‘S’’s business needs through extensive dialogue and consultation and tasked our Solution Architects with customizing the perfect solution.

The solution is a customisation of Black Sun®, our next generation, multi-modular and real-time strategic information application for the Oil & Gas industry. It met all of Customer ‘S’ needs.

A Single Version Of The Truth

Our design encompassed all functional aspects of the industry, operational, functional, and technical. All of this is supported by Black Sun®’s ability to integrate a disparate portfolio of industry applications (regardless of vendor) or to provide our own functional modules as replacements and to aggregate this with business data in Finance, HR, and Project Management.

Tying this all together for the Executive and Management leaders we included our interactive real time executive dashboard that we call the EO, providing a strategically invaluable overview of the entire global enterprise.

Customer ‘S’ Petroleum Engineers are now equipped to remotely manage business operations, performance and strategic objectives across the enterprise business in real time. Added strength comes from logical alerts, complex workflows and prescriptive analytics. The senior executive team and business leaders at a all levels of the business are now able to exploit detailed strategic information, understanding the impact as and when costs are dispersed, and budgets are better managed with a singular and truthful set of figures across the enterprise. The CEO now enjoys carrying a portable and fully functional dashboard of all business activities on his tablet device, with fully active HTML5 graphics, updated in real time and has made great use of strategic information available via a customised sub-set to cascading members of the corporation managed through their assigned user profiles.

Our Customer and his team report their relief at having a single portal for all business functions, a single way of working through our user interface, and an increased profitability through the rationalisation of unnecessary applications and the fact that they have achieved upwards of 35% more business efficiency and effectiveness.

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